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Plant Biotechnology is an international, open-access, and online journal, published every three months by the Japanese Society for Plant Biotechnology. The journal, first published in 1984 as the predecessor journal, “Plant Tissue Culture Letters” and became its present form in 1997 when the society name was renamed to Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology, publishes findings in the areas from basic- to application research of plant biotechnology. The aim of Plant Biotechnology is to publish original and high-impact papers, in the most rapid turnaround time for reviewing, on the plant biotechnology including tissue culture, production of specialized metabolites, transgenic technology, and genome editing technology, and also on the related research fields including molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, plant breeding, plant physiology and biochemistry, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, and bioinformatics.

Current Issue

2024 Vol.41 No.1
  • Metabolic diversity analysis and genome wide assessment of oxalate accumulation in the leaves of rice (Oryza sativa) cultivars
  • Functional redundancy of R2R3-MYB transcription factors involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis is manifested in anther pigmentation in petunia
  • SHOOT GRAVITROPISM 5 mediates the stomatal response to darkness in Arabidopsis
  • Roots applicable, high sensitivity and specificity assay for the detection of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in citrus roots and fruits
  • Other 7 articles
2024 Vol.41 No.1