Original Papers

Generation of intracellular reactive oxygen species during the isolation of Brassica napus leaf protoplasts

Kaori Yasuda, Yukio Watanabe, Masami Watanabe. . . . . . . 361 [PDF]

Cellulase-pectolyase enzyme solution used for isolating B.napus leaf protoplasts had ROS scavenging activity. During the isolation of protoplasts, the protoplasts accumulated 1.5 times more intracellular H2O2 than normal leaf cells. H2O2 and NO had different intracellular localizations in protoplasts.

Expression of active enzymes from an inducible tomato-mosaic-virus-based vector in cultured transgenic tobacco BY-2 cells

Koji Dohi, Masashi Mori. . . . . . . 367 [PDF]

By using the inducible virus vector system, in which tomato mosaic virus-vector RNA is inducibly transcribed by adding estradiol, active Escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase and β-glucuronidase were produced in the transgenic tobacco BY-2 suspension-cultured cells.

High levels of the cytokinin BAP suppress programmed cell death in hybrid tobacco cells ( Nicotiana suaveolens x N. tabacum ) expressing hybrid lethality

Satoshi Kobori, Yu Masuda, Manabu Horii, Wataru Marubashi. . . . . . . 375 [PDF]

In Nicotiana suaveolens x N. tabacum hybrid cells incubated with high levels of BAP, the percentage of dead cells, indicating hybrid lethality, and extent of nuclear fragmentation, indicating programmed cell death, were suppressed compared with those incubated with a standard level of BAP. Moreover, in hybrid cells incubated with high levels of BAP, the localized accumulation of formazan, indicating production of reactive oxygen species, was also suppressed compared with those incubated with a standard level of BAP.

Distinct DNase I hypersensitive sites are absent from promoters of transcriptionally incompetent genes in Arabidopsis

Yuichi Kodama, Shingo Nagaya, Atsuhiko Shinmyo, Ko Kato. . . . . . . 383 [PDF]

Specifically accessible chromatin sites, detected as DNase I hypersensitive sites (DNase I HSs), have been found at promoters of most genes in Arabidopsis chromatin. In this paper, we reported that distinct DNase I HSs were present at transcriptionally competent gene promoters, but absent from incompetent gene promoters. This suggests that nucleosomes are randomly positioned on incompetent promoters, and may contribute to the transcriptional incompetency by blocking the binding of activators.

Short Communication

Expression of Arabidopsis thaliana cytochrome P450 monooxygenase, CYP71A12, in yeast catalyzes the metabolism of herbicide pyrazoxyfen

Etsuko Hayashi, Kenji Fuzimoto, Hiromasa Imaishi. . . . . . . 393 [PDF]

The novel P450 cDNAs encoding CYP71A12 was isolated from wild-type Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Ws using an RT-PCR strategy. CYP71A12 metabolized the herbicide pyrazoxyfen. The metabolite of pyrazoxyfen might be N-demethylated at the pyrazole ring and 5-hydroxylated at the dichlorobenzene ring.

G-to-A mutation at a 5′ splice site of fad3c caused impaired splicing in a low linolenic mutant of canola ( Brassica napus L.)

Xueyi Hu, Mandy Sullivan-Gilbert, Manju Gupta, Steven A. Thompson. . . . . . . 397 [PDF]

A single nucleotide mutation at a 5′ splicing site of the fad3c gene caused impaired splicing, leading to a defective enzyme and blocking the desaturation of linoleic acid (C18:2) to linolenic acid (C18:3), resulting in decreased accumulation of C18:3 in canola seeds.

Environmental stresses activate a tomato SNF1-related protein kinase 2 homolog, SlSnRK2C

Takashi Yuasa, Yoko Tomikubo, Takashi Yamauchi, Akira Inoue, Mari Iwaya-Inoue. . . . . . . 401 [PDF]

We isolated an SNF1-related kinase 2 homolog (SlSnRK2C) from tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L. cv. Micro-Tom). Transient expression assay by agroinfiltration showed that SlSnRK2C is stimulated strongly by NaCl stress. Immunoblot by anti-LeSRK2C-COOH terminus specific antiserum indicated that SlSnRK2C is expressed remarkably in developing fruits.

Isolation and expression analysis of candidate genes related to Ralstonia solanacearum – tobacco interaction

Akinori Kiba, Milimo Maimbo, Ayami Kanda, Hiromi Tomiyama, Kouhei Ohnishi, Yusufumi Hikichi. . . . . . . 409 [PDF]

We isolate fragments of genes that are regulated in tobacco by virulent strains of Ralstonia. solanacearum OE1-1 and by the avirulent mutant of R. solanacearum by differential display. These cDNA pool provide a valuable method and resource for functional genomic analysis of R. solanacearum -plant interactions.


Gene Notes

Identification and genetic variation among eight varieties of ginger by using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA markers

Siddharth Kumar Palai, Gyana Rajam Rout. . . . . . . 417 [PDF]

The present investigation was undertaken for identification and genetic variation within eight high yielding varieties of ginger through RAPD markers. A total of 55 distinct DNA fragments ranging from 0.5 – 2.4 Kb were amplified by using twelve selected primers. The present study showed the distant variation within the varieties. This investigation will help to breeders for ginger improvement program.

Jasmonate- and wounding-induced expression of a tobacco gene encoding a BTB-POZ domain protein

Hisabumi Takase, Koji Inai, Takashi Hashimoto. . . . . . . 421 [PDF]

We identified a tobacco gene encoding a novel protein JEI1 ( Jasmonate Early Inducible 1 ) containing a BTB domain and a WD40-like repeat. The JEI1 expression was regulated by the NIC loci. In the leaf, application of jasmonate or wounding rapidly and transiently induced the JEI1 expression.

Tissue Culture Note

Plant regeneration from leaf explants of auricula cultivars ( Primula x pubescens Jacq.)

Michiaki Takihira, Motoyasu Otani, Shoji Tsuchiya, Takiko Shimada. . . . . . . 425 [PDF]

Adventitious shoots were regenerated from leaf explants of 4 cultivars of auricula ( Primula x pubescens Jacq.) on media supplemented with various cytokinins combined with NAA. A higher concentration of NAA (2 mg l-1) combined with TDZ in the medium may stimulate adventitious shoot formation from leaf explants in auricula cultivars.

Transgenic Note

Efficient production of transgenic plantls of Vanda through sonication-assisted Agrobacterium -mediated transformation of protocorm-like bodies (PLBs)

Bipna Rani Shrestha, Dong Poh Chin, Ken Tokuhara, Masahiro Mii. . . . . . . 429 [PDF]

Efficient method for the production of transgenic plants was established in Vanda, one of the most important orchids in tropical countries, by using sonication-assisted Agrobacterium -mediated transformation of protocorm-like bodies (PLBs).

Technical Note

Evaluation of somatic embryogenesis from immature cotyledons of Japanese soybean cultivars

Susumu Hiraga, Hiroshi Minakawa, Koji Takahashi, Ryoji Takahashi, Makita Hajika, Kyuya Harada, Norihiro Ohtsubo. . . . . . . 435 [PDF]

Soybean cultivars were greatly different in the efficiencies of somatic embryogenesis from immature cotyledons. Suspension cultures of compact globular-stage somatic embryos, such as those of Japanese cvs. Yuuzuru and Yumeyutaka, showed high yields of well differentiated cotyledon-stage somatic embryos.