lnvited Review

Transcriptional Regulation of Sulfur Assimilation in Plants: Understanding from the Analysis of High Affinity Sulfate Transporters

Akiko Maruyama-Nakashita. . . . . . . 323 [PDF]

Sulfur is one of the essential macronutrients required for plant growth. The sulfur deficiency inducible gene expression of high-affinity sulfate transporters is considered to be critical for the control of sulfur assimilation. This review summarizes the recent progress about the transcriptional regulation of these sulfate transporters.

Original Papers

Transgenic strawberry expressing the taste-modifying protein miraculin

Toshiyuki Sugaya, Megumu Yano, Hyeon-Jin Sun, Tadayoshi Hirai, Hiroshi Ezura. . . . . . . 329 [PDF]

The gene encoding the taste-modifying protein miraculin was introduced into strawberry. Miraculin was stably expressed and accumulated in the vegetative progeny of the transgenic strawberry plants.

Sugar signaling is involved in histone deacetylase-mediated repression of embryonic characteristics after germination

Motoki Tanaka, Akira Kikuchi, Hiroshi Kamada. . . . . . . 335 [PDF]

HDA6 and HDA19 redundantly repress embryo-specific gene expression during germination. We analyzed the effects of sucrose-containing or sucrose-free medium on post-germination growth arrest in an HDA6/19 double repression line. Sugar signaling may contribute to repression of embryonic properties.

In vitro proliferation and genetic diversity of Cypripedium macranthos var. rebunense

Hirokazu Taniguchi, Masayuki Katsumi, Yuka Yamamoto, Yuko Tatsumi, Cecile M. Sano, Yong-E Choi, Hiroshi Sano. . . . . . . 341 [PDF]

Immature seeds of C. macranthos (var. rebunese ) were successfully germinated and grown to maturity to flower after 7 years in vitro cultivation. The RAPD analysis indicated plants in the habitat in Rebun Island to be consisted of genetically different individuals. The results suggest that artificially propagated plants can be used for restoration of endangered colonies.

The “all-in-one” rol -type binary vectors as a tool for functional genomic studies using hairy roots

Hikaru Seki, Kiyoshi Ohyama, Tomoko Nishizawa, Shigeo Yoshida, Toshiya Muranaka. . . . . . . 347 [PDF]

We developed a series of binary vectors for target gene overexpression and RNA interference in transformed hairy roots. The vectors have rol gene cluster for induction of transformed roots on their T-DNA, these will be integrated into the genome via the usual Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation. The potential use of our vector system for functional genomic analysis of root biology is discussed.

Short Communications

Enhanced symbiotic nitrogen fixation by Lotus japonicus containing an antisense β-1,3-glucanase gene

Akihiro Suzuki, Kenji Yamashita, Mami Ishihara, Ken-ichi Nakahara, Mikiko Abe, Ken-ichi Kucho, Toshiki Uchiumi, Shiro Higashi, Susumu Arima. . . . . . . 357 [PDF]

Symbiotic nitrogen fixation activity of the antisense β-1,3-glucanase gene plant was drastically enhanced compared with that of control transformant. This phenomenon should be an important breeding target for leguminous plants.

Enhanced high temperature tolerance in transgenic rice seedlings with elevated levels of alternative oxidase, OsAOX1a

Yuuki Murakami, Kinya Toriyama. . . . . . . 361 [PDF]

ransgenic rice seedlings transformed with OsAOX1a for rice alternative oxidase under the control of ubiquitin promoter exhibited thermotolerance after acute exposure, 41-45°C for 10 min, or chronic exposure, 37°C for up to 8 days.

Characterization of a dehydrogenase motif and an uORF in Arabidopsis ANGUSTIFOLIA gene

Kiu-Hyung Cho, Hirokazu Tsukaya, Gyung-Tae Kim. . . . . . . 365 [PDF]

ANGUSTIFOLIA (AN), which encodes a putative C-terminal binding protein (CtBP), controls leaf cell width in a polarity-dependent manner. We found that AN might not have dehydrogenase activity due to the incomplete D2-HDH motif, which confer dehydrogenase activity of CtBP. We also found that AN has an additional short open reading frame (ORF), which was identified as an upstream ORF (uORF). Transcriptional analysis revealed that the uORF might influence AN transcription during leaf development.

Enzymatic preparation of 1-O -hydroxycinnamoyl-β-D -glucoses and their application to the study of 1-O -hydroxycinnamoyl-β-D -glucose-dependent acyltransferase in anthocyanin-producing cultured cells of Daucus carota and Glehnia littoralis

Yuki Matsuba, Yuki Okuda, Yutaka Abe, Yoshie Kitamura, Kazuyoshi Terasaka, Hajime Mizukami, Hiroyuki Kamakura, Nobuo Kawahara, Yukihiro Goda, Nobuhiro Sasaki, Yoshihiro Ozeki. . . . . . . 369 [PDF]

The enzymatic method for synthesis of four 1-O -hydroxycinnamoyl-β-D-glucoses (HCA-Glcs) used as an acyl donor of the reaction to acylate anthocyanin, was established. The substrate preference for HCA-Glc-dependent acyltransferase activity in the extracts prepared from anthocyanin-synthesizing cultured cells of Daucus carota and Glehnia littoralis was similar to each other, but the accumulated HCA-Glcs in the cells were different between them, probably resulting in the difference of the acyl moeitis of accumulated anthocyanins between them.


Bioinformatics Note

A tool for high-throughput prediction of molecular formulas and identification of isotopic peaks from large-scale mass spectrometry data

Yukiko Nakamura, Shigehiko Kanaya, Nozomu Sakurai, Yoko Iijima, Koh Aoki, Koei Okazaki, Hideyuki Suzuki, Masahiko Kitayama, Daisuke Shibata. . . . . . . 377 [PDF]

High-accuracy measurement of mass values by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers allows prediction of possible molecular formulas for each metabolite. Here, we have developed a comprehensive computational tool for high-throughput prediction of molecular formulas and identification of isotopic peaks from mass spectrometry data. The tool facilitates subsequent annotation of metabolites, which can be integrated with metabolome databases.

Tissue Culture Notes

In vitro node culture of seedlings in bamboo plant, Phyllostachys meyeri McClure

Shinjiro Ogita, Harutsugu Kashiwagi, Yasuo Kato. . . . . . . 381 [PDF]

In vitro germination and node culture of seedlings in Mouhai bamboo, Phyllostachys meyeri McClure were established. Nodal segments which were collected from ca. 1.5 year-old seedlings and 1 year-old tissue cultured clone plants were cultured in a liquid m1/2MS medium. Shoot elongation with rooting could be seen within 8 weeks and they were successfully multiplied under ex vitro condition.

Improvement of bioactive bead-mediated transformation by concomitant application of electroporation

Tomoko Murakawa, Shin’ichiro Kajiyama, Kiichi Fukui. . . . . . . 387 [PDF]

The opitimal conditions for the concomitant use of bioactive beads and electroporation were determined for improved gene transfer efficiency of bioactive bead-mediated plant transformation. Consequently, highly efficient transient transgene expression (up to 4.7%) was achieved.

Transgenic Note

Gene trap strategy, an effective tool for identification of novel genes expressed in anther tissues in Arabidopsis thaliana

Tohru Ariizumi, Takahiro Kawanabe, Shusei Sato, Tomohiko Kato, Satoshi Tabata, Kinya Toriyama. . . . . . . 391 [PDF] [Supplement 1] [Supplement 2] [Supplement 3]

Analysis of GUS expression patterns was previously carried out for 20,000 gene trap lines of Arabidopsis thaliana generated by the Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Here we focused on 42 of these lines to examine the detailed expression patterns in anthers at different developmental stages.

Gene Note

Transcriptional regulation of an Arabidopsis gene encoding a CCT domain-containing protein during endoplasmic reticulum stress

Yuji Iwata, Takeo Yamada, Nozomu Koizumi. . . . . . . 397 [PDF]

An Arabidopsis gene designated as TCR1 (tunicamycin-induced CONSTANS-like-related 1), encoding a protein with a plant-specific CCT domain, was regulated by a bZIP transcription factor AtbZIP60. This regulation was mediated a cis element responsive to the ER stress response.

Technical Notes

A simple and inexpensive method for sending binary vector plasmid DNA by mail

James G. Thomson, Roger Thilmony. . . . . . . 403 [PDF]

An easy, cost effective method of distributing plasmid DNA through the mail is described. Two substrates, two elution methods and three different plasmid vectors at six different DNA quantities were compared to determine the minimum amount of DNA required and the most effective technique for recovery of plasmids sent through the mail. It was found that depositing 100ng of plasmid DNA on common printing paper, mailing in a regular envelope and eluting with TE allows successful distribution of moderately sized plasmid vectors.

Investigation of metal exudates from tobacco glandular trichomes under heavy metal stresses using a variable pressure scanning electron microscopy system

Emiko Harada, Yong-Eui Choi. . . . . . . 407 [PDF]

Tobacco plants detoxify heavy metals by exudation of metals through leaf trichomes. We evaluated the numbers of trichomes on the leaf surfaces of wild-type and cysteine synthase overexpressing plants using variable-pressure scanning electron microscopy. The numbers of trichomes in the transgenic plants were higher than in that of wild-type plants, indicating the active excretion of Cd from trichomes in transgenic plants.